Klaske Oenema

                           Image, writing and music

As an artist, I make work that shows the process of how we give meaning to things and how meaning dissolves.
In my performances, I manipulate shadows made out of paper and plastic and combine these with texts, either receited or sung. In the light of an oldskool overhead projector, the fragments temporarily find their meaning.

Comedian Janneke de Bijl asked me to make images for her second show Dit is het nou. The show premieres on the 16th of November in De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam. 
For the playlist, check: www.jannekedebijl.nl

17st November: performance at presentation of the book Asman by poet Nyk de Vries in Volkshotel Amsterdam. CANCELLED 

21st November: performance at manifestation Hier gebeurt het! in Amsterkerk Amsterdam. POSTPONED

1st May 2022: Reprise of Tamango by Meindert Talma


12 September 2021: performance/lecture Museum Perron Oost, Amsterdam. Cruqiusweg 11
Part of lecture series, part of exhibit The Corso that never took place by Orna Wertman
17th October 2021: performance  40 jarig jubily woonwerkpand TetterodePublication of De kudde in literary journal Papieren Helden (edition ‘Dichtbij’, April 2021)
Pubication of story Notitie in kleine letters in De Gids, december 2020/6.

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