Permanent Projections

My desk (2019)

Foreign boats
(Not a song of war but love song)

The mountains last year

Wall at Trading Post, Roma, Lesotho

In Frames I use the windows of envelopes and gum wrappers as a starting point for images. Frames is a project I keep returning to. 

Envelop work, appeared in Forum #1 maart 2018, a magazine on architecture

  Images made in chewinggum wrappers

In Permanent Projections (2019-2020) I have put my shadow works to paper with the aid of artist/ photographer Nico Bick.

The work and the process was shared in Amsterdam during a preview at Vrijpaleis, an exhibit in PSprojectspace (2019) and at the Huiskamer (2020) where some collective reflection on the process and results took place.

With the aid of the AFK.

Material: wrapping material, paper, celotape, photography, overheadprojector.
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