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Performance work

In my performances and video’s, I manipulate shadows made out of paper and plastic and combine these with my poems and songs.
In the light of an oldskool overhead projector, the fragments temporarily find their meaning.

This video came about with the aid of Aziz al-Dilaimi (camera) and Arianne Hinz (director/edit). Johan Kooi was responsible for sound and Ruben Pest for technical assistance. The project was made possible by the Tijlfonds/Bernard Cultuurfonds.

I want to share my work like someone peeling the potatoes in the kitchen, telling stories.

I’m leaving this room, which is also the title of the selfproduced album I made in 2006, positively reviewed in OOR magazine. Photo: Henx

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In 2018 I performed in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam as part of writer Arnon Grunbergs residency.

The words and the bees, Read my world (2017).
For this program I made live projections with overhead and video to go with the poems of Maartje Smits and the Polish author Julia Fidorczuk. Jan Klug made sound scapes.  
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For Words, grooves & Gedachte I made projections to go with the poems of poets Els Moors, Frank Keizer en Tsead Bruinja, and songs by Broeder Dielemans. Jan Klug made music. We performed together at the Zebra Festival Münster, Germany (2017)

In 2016 I made a performance called Scheur (tear/ rip). The story about breaking and mending starts out by tearing a piece of paper in two pieces.  
(Performed at
Noorderzon festival 2016/ WOW 2017)

Seperating land from water. 
Duurzaam Dichten, 2010.

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