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For my performances with overhead projector I write my own songs and use my own recordings. These you can find on the two cd’s, I’m leaving this room (2006) and Undecided Storm (2011). They sell for € 10,- each, send me a mail if you are interested.  


You can listen to my songs on Spotify, Soundcloud and youtube or vimeo.
I am working on new recordings as we speak.

Title song to the Undecided Storm album that I recorded with Harm Wierda, performing it here in his livingroom in Groningen. Harm’s gospelband is called Harm’s Fork.
Recording by Astrid vd Wis and Juan.

This is a clip I made in Frise, Hamburg where I was artist in residence in 2013. 

I made the clip to take a break from a writing project I got stuck in. 
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